Topic: Should Unhealthy People Pay More For Health Benefits?

OVERVIEW: I’m sure that each and every one of us has a family member or friend or, knows of someone that is either overweight, smokes, drinks excessively and practices unhealthy living! People who pig out on fried foods, fast foods, fattening foods, starchy foods, and sugary soft drinks and never take the time to become consciously aware of what they are consuming on a daily basis and how it alters the body, they never exercise or even walk after eating to burn calories and stay fit.

These are the people that we know that constantly procrastinate about changing these bad habits, but never do, only to find themselves in unhealthy situations; high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol issues and many more. Yes there are conditions that we develop do to our lineage and heredity. But if we continue to practice the same habits from one generation to the next, how do we expect to break what we are passing on from one to another?