I played so much Football in my life it felt like it was coming out of my ears at times... Street Football in my neighborhood... moved on to tackle football on the West High School front lawn (now Wilson) on Genesee St. in Rochester, NY...then onto High School Football @ Allendale - Columbia, then after being recruited by numerous schools I chose to attend Wittenberg University where I played College Football.

I wanted to share that with you so you'll KNOW that my love for football is unparalleled!!!!! I am a FOOTBALL FANATIC!!!!!  I have two younger sons who play football (Bradley & Austin) in the Avon School District and two older sons who played football in PA. & Penfield, NY (Todd & Troy)...and I'm so proud of ALL of them... they are PHENOMENAL Athletes and Football Players.  However, I'm... all of sudden... not so happy they played and ARE CURRENTLY playing (Brad & Austin).... not after seeing what you're about to see below.

I will say no more than that...other than this....if you're a Parent with young children playing football I would URGE YOU to watch the following video...ESPECIALLY  THE 1ST TWO VIDEOS!!!!!!  It's in YOUR INNOCENT CHILD'S BEST INTEREST!!!!!