Black History Month the month which we bear witness to the progress, richness and achievement of African Americans in history. This month we pay tribute to those who have paved the way for generations to come. Have you ever considered why a history of a people that started mankind is only celebrated nationally during the shortest month of the year? Why couldn’t be celebrated in June during the Summer Solstice, loaded with a number of various summer outdoor activities. The month of February is during the dead season of winter!!! Just something to think about…

Let me ask you a question; is it important to know about ancient African history or modern African history? I think that we should be going back as far as possible when we study, research, and celebrate African history because it gives people of African descent an opportunity to learn their origin, culture, spirituality, music, language and more to make them aware of who they are and keep them grounded with their true identity.

 As important as Black History month is, black history should be researched, studied and celebrated year round.

Happy Black History Month