If you know anything about Buffalo public education, you are well aware of the current state of the system—in a word, disastrous!

With a graduation rate of only 60% over the last 40 years, enormous absenteeism and very little hope of improvement over the horizon, any person that comes in to take on the challenge of Superintendent has an uphill battle ahead!

Right now there are three potential candidates vying for the job of Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent and they are:

Amber Dixon, who currently serves as the Interim Superintendent of the Buffalo Public Schools, should she receive the job permanently?

Then there is Edward Newsome who serves as Assistant Superintendent for High Schools for Baltimore County Public Schools, what about him being placed in the position full time?

The third candidate is Dr. Pamela Brown Senior Research and Planning Associate for the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology in Marlborough, Massachusetts, should she be the next Superintendent for Buffalo?

If you have children in the Buffalo Public School system and are concerned about your child’s education, you should have a say in who the next Superintendent should be based on their ability to fix the broken system. You owe it to yourself and your child!