Future insults Drake in an interview. Drakes kicks him off the Tour. Future files lawsuit against Drake! Did Future cross the line by biting the hand who feeds him or is Drake just being too sensitive? Hear what Buffalo had to say on this #HotTopicTuesday


— e. (@3rika) October 4, 2013

Future's team tried to negotiate with Drake's people to bring Future back on to the tour, however with the caveat that Future take less money. Future not only denied that offer but is now suing Drake for $1.5 million of lost wages. Future was set to make upwards of $40,000 for each of the 39 stadium shows.

My phone lines were lit up all afternoon about this topic! Hear what the Queen City had to say about this beef.

Kendrick Lamar is expected to hurt Drake's feeling once again at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Check out the West Coast Cypher preview:

I can't wait to see how Drake responds once the entire video airs tonight on BET. Tweet me @JazzyTOnAir