If 2012 rappers were to re-create the Stop The Violence Movement which ones would you include, or has lyricism and community awareness died with Hip Hop ? If you aren't up on your Hip Hop, The Stop the Violence Movement was formed by rapper KRS-One. During a Boogie Down Productions and Public Enemy concert, a young fan was killed in a fight. As a result, KRS-One founded the Stop the Violence Movement. Comprised of some of the biggest stars in contemporary East Coast hip-hop, the movement released a single ('Self Destruction') in 1989 with all proceeds going to the National Urban League.

Back in the 60s our brothers and sisters were hanged. How can you gangbang?
I never ever ran from the Ku Klux Klan And i shouldnt have to run from a black man!

This song is a Hip Hop classic, but the same problems that were discussed on this song are still going on today. If rappers were to remake this song what rappers could/would be able to make a song to stop gang violence with out putting their career on the line ?

In today's Hip Hop market if you don't stand for ignorance then your career will go no where. When it comes to making a stand to end inner city violence, rappers see no evil so you will hear no evil. Can you think of any current rappers who could make a song to end gang violence ?