The People's Station 93.7 WBLK with a special shout out to all the High Schools of Western New York!

The 93.7 WBLK "Schools that Rule Spirit Challenge" is on and we want to know which high school has the most school spirit. The school with the most votes can request to have their Pep Rally hosted by 93.7 WBLK complete with DJ and maybe even a national recording artist!

So get all your classmates, friends and family to vote now until the end of the month for your school, and we will see you for the most lit Pep Rally ever!

Stay in school, believe in yourself, and discover the possibilities for a brighter future!

VOTING WILL CLOSE ON THURSDAY, SEPT. 29 at 5 p.m. Winning school that can invite WBLK to their pep rally will be announced on Friday, Sept. 30.

If your school is not on this list, write it in and vote, and email to get your school added!