Get ready, Gladiators! Olivia Pope and Associates return to television this Saturday, August 10. Catch up on past seasons and get a sneak peak of Season 3 inside. 

Whew! Yeah, that was the cliff hanger from Season 2. Fitz goes back to the First Lady, and Olivia's secret is out, and the press is asking about her relationship with the president. Also we find out that creepy B613 guy is her DAD!

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If for some reason you were stuck under a rock and missed Season 1 and/or 2, BET will be airing a Scandal marathon starting tomorrow (Saturday 8/10)! And even if you saw it before, you know there's a ton you missed if you only saw each episode once, so watch it AGAIN. I know I will be tuned in.

The first Scandalous Saturday will begin on August 10 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m, which will feature Scandal Season One, plus the first installments of Season Two.

The second Scandalous Saturday, with a bulk of season 2, will run the following week on August 17 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Finally, on Wednesday, August 21, BET will finish airing the complete second season with a 2-hour, back-to-back block, which starts at 9 p.m.


SAVE THE DATE!! Scandal Season 3 premiers October 3, 2013!

Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes offers a few sneak peaks into the Season 3:

Olivia’s team is going to be feeling all types of ways about her affair with President Grant. Not everyone will take it the same, but they’re again in the position of having to think about their place in the fixer’s entourage.

Every single Gladiator in the office has to question whether or not, again, they’re on board or not,” she said. “It makes everyone ask themselves whether or not they support this or don’t support this, and how to fix it and how not to fix it. It causes a lot of conflict.

Joe Morton (a.k.a. Byron) will return to the show on a recurring basis, but Scott Foley will become a series regular as he continues to play Jake.

Even though we’ve spent two seasons with Olivia Pope, her life is still largely a mystery. That’s about to change in Season 3!

Olivia, with these two bombs of her name being leaked and her dad showing up, has a lot to navigate,” Kerry Washington told THR. “You’re going to learn a lot about Olivia’s past; it’s really shocking.

Olivia may have cut Fitz loose, but they still have to deal with each other quite a bit.

That is going to pose an interesting challenge for them that we’re going to see them try to deal with in the first episode back.



If Mellie didn’t call the dogs on Olivia and Fitz, then the president’s right-hand man Cyrus Beene might be the snitch. Remember he put a hit out on his own husband?! But would Cyrus really blow up President Grant’s spot?

“We know that Cyrus has no boundaries in what he’d do to protect his interests, so you’ve got this very good horse race that’s building up,”

- Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz


Olivia’s not the only fixer in D.C. What’s a market without a little competition? As an unabashed fan of Doctor Who and Torchwood, Shonda would really like to see John Barrowman return to Scandal as Mellie’s crisis manager.

I hope we can bring him back,” said Shonda. “The day he flew in to shoot his scenes, I was dying that I couldn’t get to set. He’s amazing.