Not long after Jay-Z collaborated with Kanye West and Rihanna for the 2009 single, “Run This Town,” it soured up the music charts and took on a life of its own. According to, the rapper turned mogul is being sued by New York record label TufAmerica Inc. four years after its release, for using an unauthorized sample of a 1969 track called “Hook & Sling Part 1″ by Eddie Bo for the song. The label claims that the sample is used numerous times in “Run This Town” and they are requesting proceeds from the song. Further damages are to be determined at trial and a court order to cease “further distribution and exploitation” of ‘Hook & Sling Part 1.’  The suit names Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC and Atlantic Records in addition to Jay-Z.

Knowing Jay, he would probably remove the samples, release the song as a remake and make even more money on it lol but as with all of court cases you can only hope that it plays out quietly without getting messy and for that, we shall have to wait and see.