Real or Rumor, Beyonce Expenses Per Month is Over 300K????

Well welcome to the life of the rich and famous. When I think of this price this is what some people make in a year, maybe two years but this women, Beyonce kicks this out every month! Yes, this rumor is real.  Apparently one of Beyonce’s former accountant is running their trap about how much it cost to be Beyonce  per month.  Check out the list of expenses that was shared:

Jet fuel/rental- $75,000 a month

Publicist Yvette-$10,000 a month

Bodyguard Julius-$8,000 a month (more overseas)

Makeup Artist oncall $2500 a month

Live in Chef $ 7500 a month

Live in maid $ 4000 a month

Personal Accountant 4000 month

Dereon Accountant 3000 a month

Personal asst Angela $5000 a month

Personal Trainer: $7000 a month

Dietician: Max $4000/month upon diet change

Car detailing and driver: $7000 a month

Pocket cash on hand $50,000 a month

These are just a few of the items that was on the list but as you can see anyone who rolls with Beyonce is getting paid! I just want to be the person that announces her entrance into a building…lol


Well If I was Beyonce I’m sure my monthly expenses would be around the same a well, shoot she work too hard to be Ballen on a budget! I really wonder what her weave Bill is like. Now that alone has to be a couple thousand per month too!