A probationary Buffalo Police officer was arrested Wednesday by federal authorities and is facing numerous charges related to the sale of marijuana. Officer James Hamilton, Sr. was taken into custody by federal authorities after a source bought over two pounds from him in the Bailey/Broadway area.

I would love to hear his side of the story forreal because I'm hoping he isn't as stupid as that video made him out to be. I just dont get it ... He starts selling drugs, as soon as he becomes a cop ? Didn't he just take a vow to protect and serve ? I guess he only heard the serve part.

How much are they paying rookie police officers ? If he wanted to be drug dealer alone he would've probably made more money. I just don't understand why he thought this was a good idea. Also since this is so heavy in the media they are going to make an example out of this guy. I wonder if it was all worth it ? Smh he will probably still be sitting in jail by the time they make marijuana legal.  Welcome him to the BIG DUMMY FILES.

On another note the picture they used on the news from his FB is so incriminating .... and hilarious.