He was always smiling each time I went to hang out and play Madden Football at the home of one of my Best Friends, Richard Gause, in Rochester, NY.  The "always smiling" "little lad" I'm referring to was, at the time, my friend's four-year-old innocent little boy, always quiet, always manner-able, always obedient...his demeanor molded by two young parents and an extended family of brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles who were all the product of two model parents/grandparents whose Love and Leadership influenced GREATNESS.

The Gause Family, led by Mr. and Mrs. Gause, Owners of G&G Steak-Out in Rochester (Rest Their Souls), is the epitome of a extended family structure filled with nothing but Love and Support for one another.  All that LOVE has paid off in more ways than one – the following story is one of the ways it has paid off.

The story's subject is that "little boy" I once watched run around so innocently who has now become a "HUGE MAN" with his Heart & Soul dedicated to becoming one of the Elite few on this earth who make it into The National Football League.  That dedication and drive is the result of the unparalleled parenting support of his parents, Richard & Vielka Gause.

The road has been challenging for Rochester, NY's Quentin Gause, a young man who was said to have a "learning disability"... but there was one person who ignored what was being said of him ... and that was Quentin himself.  Quentin's non-acceptance of this "learning disability" took him through High School at Bishop Kearney High School and ultimately led him to attend Rutgers University where he was not only a Scholar-Athlete but also chosen as Captain of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football Team!

Congratulations Quentin Gause on all of your accomplishments and your Future Success on your PATH TO THE NFL!


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