Daniel Snead, who has developed a character named "THE HUMAN DICTIONARY" will set out today to make 26,220 baskets in an event he has entitled, "THE MARATHON OF HOOPS"!  

Why & What Is "The Marathon Of Hoops"?  

Daniel Snead Explains: 

The Marathon of Hoops is a fundraising event with purpose to raise money for The Human Dictionary, an online video program created to teach urban youth vocabulary. After dealing with frustration and confusion on how to raise the necessary start-up money, something about the movie Forrest Gump inspired me. I thought to myself, "Why can't I complete something athletically impossible to draw the attention of the world?" This is where the concept of The Marathon of Hoops was born. My request is that each person support this fundraiser by sponsoring one shot for $1. And of course, if you are feeling inspired, please feel free to sponsor more! To complete 26,220 shots, I am estimating it will take approximately 2 days of nonstop shooting. Make sure to click the "Watch Live" button to be apart of the event no matter where you are worldwide. Thank you in advance for your support and I will see you all at the finish line!


Watch the following videos for more detailed info about "THE MARATHON OF HOOPS" & "THE HUMAN" DICTIONARY":

Watch a "HUMAN DICTIONARY" Sample Segment: