36-year-old Christine Wright Darrisaw is accused of saying “I’m going to (expletive) and kill Obama,” is what she is accused of saying to a White House operator. The alleged threat was part of a long tirade about child custody laws. The operator at the White House told the Secret Service “she recognized the caller’s voice because she’s always calling the White House with regard to child custody issues. The papers go on to say the “female caller was rambling wildly and screaming into the phone that she needed Obama to fix this.

The government should know that something is wrong with this woman and drop these charges. Her family says the February 24th phone call to the White House was made out of desperation. “She’s a nice, loving, church-going woman,” says Minnie Pearl Wright. “She would never, never harm (President) Obama.” You can tell from her mug shot pictures she is going through some issues. This is a sad situation all the way around I hope this woman gets the help she needs.