This is the last person I thought I would see getting arrested Robin Thicke. I guess I can say nothing surprises me anymore. Robin Thicke was arrested for smoking a joint. Here is what the NY Daily News is reporting

Paula Patton his wife was spotted in New York this week for Fashion Week, and it seems as though Robin Thicke was in town with her. Around 12:25pm today, Thicke was spotted in his Escalade (near 3rd Ave. and E. 21st St) where officers spotted him smoking a joint.

“He wasn’t driving,” a police source said. “He was sitting in the car. He was arrested and a small amount of marijuana was recovered on him.”

Thicke was in the vehicle with another passenger, but he was the only one arrested. He was also charged with posession of marijuana.

I never knew Robin Thicke was into drugs here is what he told Red Alert Live “I’ll say I never met a drug I didn’t like.” Once his son with Actress, Paula Patton, was born he stopped. Well obviously he didn't, never judge a book by its cover. I wonder what Jason Seavor has to say about this ?