It looks like Rihanna washed that grey right out of hair. The R&B chanteuse debuted a new short and curly hairstyle on her Instagram.

After rocking the grey hairdo, which made her look like a youthful senior citizen (we're just saying), RiRi unveiled the bold new hairstyle.

In one selfie photo, the 'Stay' singer is pouting for the camera as if she made a grave mistake. "Still tryna get used to my hurr, so I threw on some #redlipstick #RIRIWoo," she wrote.

In another photo, Rihanna's curly hair is covered by baseball cap. "Morning face," reads the caption. In her final picture, RiRi purses her lips while wearing a gold choker and diamond necklace.

Judging from her captions and pictures on Instagram, it looks like Rihanna isn’t quite sure how she feels about her new hairstyle just yet. So we wouldn't be surprised if she flips the script on us and debuts a new look... tomorrow. Rihanna is spontaneous like that.

Otherwise, we appreciate her softer new 'do.

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