An electronic voting machine in Harrisburg, Pa., has been changing votes from President Obama to Mitt Romney. The vote-tampering was confirmed by NBC news on Tuesday afternoon. The voter who noticed the issue videotaped it with his phone.

According to allvoices, in 2011, after Mitt Romney had decided to run for president in 2012, the Romney family brought interest in a voting machine company called Hart Intercivic, through a Bain Capital investment in HIG Capital. Wow !

Although the rigged voting machine taken off line on Election Day 2012 in Pennsylvania is not in one of the states listed in the Romney-owned voting machines, Ohio is, and a lawsuit was filed there over software issues. On Tuesday, a judge rejected the case, but the ruling does not give voters confidence that there is no vote tampering going on in Ohio.

This is an example of why people such as myself have lost complete confidence in the voting/political system.  It seems like people will do what ever it takes to win.  I can't for the life of me figure out why a person who is running for office is allowed to own the voting machines.  This really sounds a shining example of US democracy.  (yea right)