Miami Rapper Rick Ross really is the boss at his new Wing Stop Franchise store in Memphis. The store is set to open up in Memphis on October 15th, but the store is taking pre orders now.

If you aren't familiar with Wing Stop its a chain wing store based out of Garland, TX there are over 600 franchise stores and the national spokesman is Troy Aikmen (3 Time Dallas Cowboy World Champion).

The company was started in 1994 and started franchising in 1998. This is Ross's latest business venture and to think this all started from a line on the song M.C. HAMMER

" She thinking Philipe' I'm thinking WING STOP".

The wings at wing stop aren't bad either, I used to eat all the time when i lived in TX. In other Rick Ross news his new album is set to be released on December 13th "God Forgives But I Dont". You can check out the two new singles from the album here