This is LAUGHABLE to me!

Rick Ross, at Samsung's "Hope For Children" event, said that "it's all about the children."

What's even more UNREAL (to me anyway) are his comments stating he's a new father and family man, and that "he's gotta do what he's gotta do"!!!!

Does "doing what he's gotta do" include being involved with WALE'S new CD...which obviously is made for CHILDREN...NOT!

Here's the interview...followed by a new Wale song...because it's "ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN"!!!!!

Why is he even at this event??

And then there's Wale with these WORDS OF WISDOM!!!

And here's the new Rick Ross / Wale song. Remember now..."It's all about the children!"...although the title of the song seems more like it's all "ABOUT THAT LIFE".