Rick Ross has ended one of his legal battles. The Miami rapper reached a settlement with a photographer over the use of a Jay Z photo according to a report by The Jasmine Brand.

A photographer named Armen Djerrahian sued Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group in federal court for the use of a Jay Z photo that Djerrahian took. The picture was taken back in 2003 when the photographer states that he originally filed for the copyright.

The photo, which shows Jay Z throwing up the famous Roc symbol hand sign, was used in the music video for Rick Ross' "Movin Bass." Armen Djerrahian said he noticed the photo in a montage used in the video, but no one ever asked for his permission to use it. The photographer sued Ross for all profits made from the music video. He also sought an injunction ordering the Maybach Music Group boss to stop using his work without consent.

Rick Ross argued that Armen Djerrahian did not currently hold the copyright to the Jay Z photo. The "Hustlin" rapper said that he licensed the photo before using it in the "Movin Bass" music video. He also accused Djerrahian of lying about his damages suffered and wanted the case thrown out of court.

Everything changed on March 9. Documents were filed by both parties stating that the two sides had reached a settlement agreement. This dismissed all the claims each side made in the suit. The case was dismissed later that day.

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