Listen there may a tendency to translate this as "race baiting", but I tell you upfront that "that is not my intent" when I look at this story from the perspective of a "person of color". I cannot help but imagine how this would be handled if this same thing were happening in an African American community, which it is DAILY!

So please understand that this is somewhat of a "reverse message" for the African-American community, in terms of presenting an example as to how things CAN CHANGE in the black community. The residents around the UB University area downtown (so to speak) are speaking up and want the partying and trashing of their neighborhood to STOP! They're taking measures to make that happen. Buffalo residents in troubled areas, where there's drug and crime activity, can do the same and cause change.

There is a rather disturbing and controversial side of this story; (well it's disturbing to me at least). UB is telling residents that it's pretty much NOT THEIR PROBLEM, rather a problem for the city and police to figure out!  This was revealed as UB was, according to the following video and WIVB, approached by the city to involve the Buffalo community organization PEACEMAKERS to assist in dealing with the situation, but UB declined wanting or needing any assistance.

Watch the News Video and then TAKE THE POLL: Whose Responsibility is It To Deal With UB Student Party Trash & Activity in Buffalo Residential Areas?