I remember growing up in the 70’s as a child in my hometown of Tulsa Oklahoma and going to the Drive-In movies to see some of the hot films of that era. We would pull into the theatre, park, roll down the window and place the theatre speaker on the window and roll it up; these were always fun family outings! I’ll never forget sitting in the back seat of the car and being told to "cover your eyes" when a scene would come up that may have been inappropriate for my age at the time; morals followed us everywhere in life.

The movies, actors, and content were always about the times in which we were living in and were portrayed by the top black stars of that era. Pam Grier, Bill Cosby, Billy Dee Williams and more!

Click the link and get a snapshot of some of the greatest actors of our parent’s generation: http://www.theroot.com/multimedia/where-are-they-now