Elle Varner has been marking her musical territory in all different areas. Hit-single with J. Cole, a new sound and a new swag. Now, she's teamed up with T-Pain and Wale for a super-remix of the WBLK favorite "Refill" 

Ms. Varner has a mixtape out entitled Conversational Lush with her album Perfectly Imperfect due out soon.

I'm so excited to hear everything Elle has been working on! Every song I've heard so far is great! Her lyrics are witty and captivating while her voice demands your attention and leaves you swaying.

She's got this one song called "WTF" that's pretty deep, but funny at the same time. Another song called "Feel Like A Woman" that I like a lot.

This remix to "Refill" was a great move. Wale is at the top of his game and T-Pain always makes a remix HOT! To have them both on the remix is a genius move.


Check it out!! :)