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The passive aggressive comments and interactions are at an all-time high on Basketball Wives L.A.! It’s apparent more than ever that Laura’s and Jackie’s definition about their “friendship” differs… Bambi show’s us what she got (or don’t have) when she performs and the wedding drama continues as some of the ladies are still on the fence about whether they are going to attend or not!

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I’m not sure that rapper Jim Jones and girlfriend Chrissy Lumpkin can hold their own on Chrissy & Mr. jones, a spin-off from Love & Hip Hop. The two have an interesting dynamic but not sure if it’s enough to tune in every week quite yet even though we are 4 episodes into the season. On the past episode, I’m not sure if their relationship will last long enough to see the season out anyways! You be the judge, watch for yourself below!



As promised on T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Tiny and BFF Shekinah goes on a bucket list adventure…the two ladies embark on a series of activities that they would like to do before they actually kick the bucket. I always commend T.I. because despite his busy career, his focus never waivers from his children and family. He stakes some time out to help teach his suburban raised kids some of the breaks and try to toughen them up! Check it out!


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