If there isn't enough ratchetness and buffoonery on reality TV. Lets meet the Real Heavy Housewives of Memphis . No I'm not joking the show is about wives of at Memphis that are overweight and proud of it. The all African American cast of women boast about how they are Divas, and have no interest in losing weight. One clip from the show a woman is saying "She is big and delicious let me shake my butt for the camera "

This show sounds absolutely ridiculous and enforce more negative stereotypes of Black women. It seems like people line up to embarrass themselves and their families on TV. Are you that pressed to be on TV that you would be on a show CALLED REAL HEAVY HOUSEWIVES, the title is funny in its self. Despite having interest from several networks, I doubt this show ever sees the light of day. The whole concept is to much of a rip off of the Bravo show, with a similar name. Thank you for copyright laws !