The latest inductee into THE BIG DUMMY FILES is everyone participating in this Buffalo ratchet list on FACEBOOK. "Exposing" who smashed the homies, and who isn't working with much. When I first saw this on my timeline I had to laugh. Then I found it even funnier when I saw the age of some of the people participating in this grammar school behavior. IF YOU ARE OVER THE AGE OF 18 and participating in this you are "EXPOSING" your self to the world that you have nothing else better to do.

For the fellas: If you're on the post talking about what females smashed the HOMIES, you my friend are a snitch. If this woman decides to sleep with all of Buffalo why do you care ? Do you like her ? oh you want to save her ? Well you should have just made that your status I want to save the women of Buffalo who are "jump offs". This post has probably made things hot for a lot of people that didn't want their business in the streets.

For the ladies: I see that the dudes started this with the SMASH THE HOMIES list, but what your exposing is crazy !! I have to keep it PG because this is the radio station's website but what are you getting out of exposing men that are not well endowed ? LOL At the end of the day you still laid down with him .... Your not only exposing him your exposing yourself. Most men don't care about their reputation anyway because most females don't care about men's reputations anyway.

At the end of the day people need to be more careful about who they deal with sexually because people are putting other people's personal business on the street of FACEBOOK. This has the potential and probably will start some FIGHTS on the streets.  Is it really worth it just to get your comments and likes up on FACEBOOK. I find it amazing that if you put something in your status about improving the education system, making more money or something else worthwhile you get no comments or likes. The second you mention SEX, fighting or something else destructive, every one wants to comment and like your status.

Everybody on FACEBOOK is supposed to be mature enough to use it, obviously not.  I never knew so many people were out there KISSING AND TELLING, but ladies inbox me, I DON'T KISS AND TELL. One of my favorite comments from the stat was "Its Not The Size Of The Boat Its The Motion In The Ocean". People have family members etc... on FACEBOOK who don't need to see you "EXPOSING" them to the world. Mark Zuckerberg didn't make FACEBOOK for the ratchetness.

Welcome to the BIG DUMMY FILES.