Kobe Bryant's career is coming to an end. The Los Angeles Lakers star is scheduled to play his final game tonight (April 13) against the Utah Jazz. Whether you loved him or hated him, this game will mark the end of an era.

The shooting guard racked up some astounding achievements over his 20 seasons in the NBA. Kobe Bryant won five NBA championships during his career while earning the NBA Finals MVP in two of those championship seasons. On top of that, Bryant was the regular season MVP in 2008.

Kobe Bryant's success was not just limited to the playoffs. The Philadelphia native made the All-Star team 18 times while winning the All-Star Game MVP during four of those games. Twice, the Black Mamba was the scoring champion of the league. Bryant scored the second most points in a game when he reached 81 points against the Toronto rappers in 2006. Only the legendary Wilt Chamberlain has scored more points in a single game. Bryant was great defender too, making the NBA All-Defensive First Team on nine different occasions. And he did all this while playing for just one team, a rarity in the rise of free agency.

As his illustrious career comes to a close, fans and players alike have been paying tribute to Kobe Bryant. The hip-hop community is no different as many rappers have shown their love for the Lakers legend. With that in mind, XXL has compiled a list of rappers who have praised the career of Kobe Bryant. Check it out below.

  • Kendrick Lamar

    Kendrick Lamar did a special tribute to Kobe Bryant for ESPN. The piece, titled "Fade to Black," features Kendrick rapping about Bryant's legacy.

  • Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne went on Twitter to share a photo of Kobe Bryant and himself with one of the Lakers' championship trophies. He also called Bryant his favorite player ever.

  • Domo Genesis

    In a recent interview with XXL, Domo Genesis spoke about his admiration for Kobe Bryant. Domo said Bryant keeps playing even those he's not 100% healthy and that mindset inspires the Odd Future rapper to be the same way when it comes to his music.

  • Iamsu!

    Iamsu! appeared on an episode of XXL's sports podcast Ante Up to talk about Kobe Bryant's career. The rapper shared some of his favorite memories of the Laker star and admitted he's sad to see Bryant calling it quits.

  • Audio Push

    Audio Push made an appearance on XXL's sports podcast Ante Up to get into some in-depth discussion about the Los Angeles Lakers. The duo said that Shaq and Kobe are right up there with Jordan and Pippen as the best one-two punch ever in the NBA.

  • 2 Chainz

    2 Chainz declared himself the "hugest Kobe fan" in an episode of GQ's Most Expensive Shit. The Atlanta rapper got hooked up with $38,000 Kobe Bryant hat made by New Era.

  • Eric Bellinger

    Singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger recently appeared on XXL's Ante Up podcast, calling Kobe Bryant his Michael Jordan. Bellinger said it will be surreal to not have Bryant in the league as it is "all he knows."

  • Bow Wow

    Bow Wow posted a video of him playing one on one against Kobe Bryant. The rapper said he was "blessed beyond belief" to get this opportunity and explained that Bryant did this while recovering from an ACL injury.

  • Curren$y

    Curren$y stopped by XXL's sports podcast Ante Up back in December to discuss the retirement of Kobe Bryant. The New Orleans rapper was sad to see Bryant playing at a lesser capacity and wished that the former MVP would have retired sooner.

  • Fabolous

    Fabolous went on Instagram to celebrate Mamba Day. The "Breathe" rapper shared an old photo of Kobe Bryant in the locker room after winning the NBA Finals.

    Same phone, who dis? #MambaDay

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