Meet Rapper Mingo Baby... This guy made news all last week when his tattoo of Free Lil Boosie on his face made news all of over the net. When asked why he got the tattoo he explained :

"Boosie is his Motherf*&in N word he has rocked shows with him." He is 100 I love him. I love his pain."

Then he goes on rant about how he sips lean and he has asked God to take the pain away. LOL

When we will WE stop supporting this culture of ignorance that has descended from Hip Hop this isn't even Hip Hop anymore this is pure IGNORANCE. This guy is sitting in the passenger seat of one of his friends cars, with a fake chain on and fake earings, talking CRAZY. At the end of the video he challenges us to "Get Like Him" That would mean sipping LEAN, in the passenger seat of my friends car, with FAKE jewelry on. With a tattoo of another man's name on my FACE. Nah .... I'll pass but Welcome to The Big Dummy Files.