With his sixth solo album, 'Fly International Luxurious Art,' set to arrive early next year, expect plenty of freebies and loosies from Raekwon in the meantime.

Back in September, The Chef gave Drake and Jay Z's 'Pound Cake' the Wu-Tang treatment (sidebar: we're still waiting for that 'Wu-Tang Forever' remix, Aubrey). Today, he comes bearing not one, but two, new gifts.

First up is 'It's My Thing,' which hears Rae spit that pimp ish for a minute straight over The Whole Darn Family's 'Seven Minutes of Funk' break (as sampled by Jay Z for 'Ain't No N---a,' EPMD for 'It's My Thing' and Tha Alkaholiks for 'Only When I'm Drunk,' to name just a few).

Then, The Chef becomes the latest rapper to add his touch to 16-year-old New Zealand sensation Lorde's smash single, 'Royals.' With materialistic boasts about "stoves and Range Rovers," he's also the latest rapper to completely miss the irony of Lorde's original message.

Listen to Raekwon's 'It's My Thing'

Listen to Raekwon's 'Royals (Remix)'