If your from or ever been to Upstate NY than You know DJ Bandana Black has been the #1 DJ supporter of unsigned music for years now. Well last weekend I had the pleasure of being a part of the "Rack Pack Battle Leagues" 716 concert series event, which was held in Niagara Falls NY. This event reminded me of how much great talent the 716 area has to offer. The event was made up of performances, Battles and a 16 Bar challenge. Words cant explain how much talent I was introduced to that night, I mean I was genuinely excited to hear some of the clever word play and bars these artist put together. It was amazing.

A lot of times people don't go to these type of events because they can get a little out of hand with all the egos and everything, but the event went on without any fights or anything. It felt like a scene from the movie "8 Mile", where all you got was pure Hip Hop. Check Out this video showing some of the many performances that night and share with your friends.

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