With  the sold out R. Kelly Tour less than a week ago, Kelly is reminding us that this is a "R" rated show! Mr "Bump & Grind" reveals that his next album is the new 12 Play appropriately titled "Black Panties". Check out this video interview inside. 

I have been a R. Kelly fan for years, from his self-titled CD in 1995

to the "R" red cover album

and of course my college classic "TP2.com"

But in 2010, he started making more romantic music for Grown Folks the "Love Letter" album produced A/C hits like this

And Write Me Back Brought us the current single "Feelin Single". Check out R in his own words as to where his genre of music will go next!

With the 2013 Album Black Panties, R Kelly promises to gives us some new baby making music for his fans. (Aint that what we have Trey Songz for?) Does this the grown-folk R Kelly is gone forever? I hope not.