As we kick off Black History Month I ran into this on YouTube and thought it was dope. One of my favorite MC's of all time, Q-Tip from A tribe Called Quest, is on a quest for knowledge of self. He recently took a DNA test to find out where his ancestors were from on the continent of Africa. During the interview Q-Tip stated that  "Ive never been to Africa. I believe that I'm like Zulu..from South Africa Zulu" also he believes he had some traces of Asian ancestors as well. The test came back and he was able to trace his family back to Guinnea Bissua. This is very interesting, I would like to see more rappers get this DNA test done. I'm going to do more research to see If I can get one of these test done. Its good to see someone doing a DNA test for something other than a episode of Maury Povich.