Have you ever wondered what life was like in prison ? Well apparently prisoners are making their very own home prison movies and posting them online. The videos include the typical life of a person in prison; fighting, smoking, partying, picking locks and can't forget about their illustrious collection of shanks. If your wondering how these inmates even got the cell phones in the first place, the salary for a prison guard is 27,000. Makes perfect sense to me now because to risk my life for that salary I might sell illegal cell phones to prisoners too.

A cell phone could be a pretty dangerous weapon in prison you could actually read about loop holes in the law which would allow you to get out. Out of all the resourceful things these guys could be doing with a cell phone in prison, they pick to glorify all the things WE know go on in prison. I wonder how many of these guys used their illegal cell phone to contact their children ? It's obvious that these guys have been away from society for a long time we already have a place to view people acting like animals on a daily basis its called world star hip hop.

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