Take the poll after gathering info about the latest Marcell Dareus (in my opinion) media attack.

I have a problem with the media always exposing and (in my opinion) attacking Buffalo Bill's Marcell Dareus.  Does Dareus have some social problems from time to time? YES! But are the problems he has  REALLY news worthy? In my opinion – NO!

I think thestories that seem to surface every single year, relative to Marcell Dareus, are not only ridiculous to report but equally as ridiculous to read.

Now I will admit that Dareus's apparent struggle with the NFL's Substance Abuse Policy is important to report because it directly affect whether the Pro Bowl Defensive Lineman will even play as a part of the team. However, Marcell Dareus speeding or street car racing, or Marcell Dareus partying on Chippewa is NO ONE'S BUSINESS!

Some may argue that the Chippewa pictures shed some light on Dareus's sincerity with wanting to get help upon his announcement that he was voluntarily going to rehab, but rehab means you have to stop living?

The recent picture of Marcel Dareus partying on Chippewa is a waste of time to report on, and I think Coach Rex Ryan's response such that he didn't have much to say is RIGHT ON!  My opinion is obviously just one opinion and not necessarily yours so to be fair; watch the story, then take the polls below and express your opinion!

Marcel Dareus Violated NFL Substance Abuse Policy:

Rex Ryan's Reaction: