WOW - just 2 weeks after we talked on-air about Police Shooting to Kill suspects armed with knifes, the Buffalo Police have figured out a way to detain a suspect armed with a loaded gun without killing him! 

With these topics, I always say that if I can change one person's life, my mission is complete.

Well I am happy to say that one 19-yr old's life was spared because this time, the officer chose to shoot to wound, rather than shoot to kill.

Ferry-Fillmore officers were called to the scene of a domestic dispute at 935 Walden Ave., around 4pm this afternoon police officials said.

A 19yr old man was holding a loaded 9mm handgun when he was confronted by the Police. One of the cops wrestled with the suspect to try and disarm him, until finally the officer shot the resident in the upper leg in self-defense.

He is being treated at ECMC for the non-life threatening injury.

WOW - isn't that something!!! The Police thought it necessary to shoot and kill the grandmother who only had a knife, yet this time it was suffice to shoot this young man in the thigh to detain him.

It's amazing how a little public embarrassment on the radio can change the way Police handle situations! Thanks to all of the listeners who joined the on-air conversation and stood up against these senseless executions that have been happening all over the country.

And thanks to the Buffalo Police for reminding the officers that they don't have to use deadly force to detain an armed suspect!