I'm confused, perplexed, concerned and AFRAID!!!!!  I'm not really sure what I would HONESTLY do if I were pulled over by the police these days. It seems more and more police officers are losing their minds and abusing / mistreating innocent citizens.

Videos number into the double, maybe triple, digits, showing police brutality and police misconduct on the internet these days.  Even with officers KNOWING they are being visually monitored, they seem to care less and continue to be abusive and inappropriate.  

I had a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE just this week with the Buffalo Police involving a young lady who looked stressed and disheveled walking down my street in front of my house in the city, and I asked her if she needed some help...to my surprise, she quipped back..."LEAVE ME ALONE"...as she proceeded to walk back and forth in front of my home and then got her phone and began cussing and arguing with someone.  

I again asked her if she needed help...again..."LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!" At this point, I instructed her that she needed to remove herself from the front of my home. She ADAMANTLY REFUSED, stating..."I ain't goin' nowhere". She couldn't have been much older than 21...probably younger... so I flagged down the police, who just happened to be at the corner of my street...which it was NOT surprising they were around, based on all the gunshots and violence that takes place in my particular area of the City of Buffalo. 

When the police pulled up, I began to tell the first THREE OFFICERS about this young lady (there were two more cars directly behind the first car)....To my AMAZEMENT, I started to become the person in the wrong, with the first officer telling me..."JUST GO IN YOUR HOME"...while he ignored the foul-mouthed young girl who was still running her mouth. After telling me to go in the house and just ignoring the girl, the first officer drove off. I proceeded to try and get some help from the second officer...who just kept driving as well...and then tried the next officer, who was at least nice enough to say..."We're responding to a call down the street...we'll be right back"...which they never did come back.

You would think there would be a concern from the officers simply based upon the fact that there are daily shots fired and criminal activity in the part of the city in which I live...but apparently there is little concern.

Not all officers are INAPPROPRIATE...but it seems there are more and more fitting that description regarding the job they are hired to do...which is PROTECT!!!!

What is going on with our PROTECTION and the people we depend upon for SECURITY?