I'm just really pissed off this morning and I don't understand something.  I'm reading The Buffalo News this morning and getting more insight regarding little 10 year old Abdifatah's death at the hands of his dumb, stupid ass Stepfather.  But beyond the crazy Stepdad, there's something that flew off the front page of the newspaper and hit me right in the "piss me off" button.

Here's what the paper says: (according to The Buffalo News),  "That was not the first time Buffalo police were summoned to 30 Guilford.  Since the family moved there in 2009, officers responded to 16 calls, some minor, but others involving incidents of domestic violence".  THAT PISSES ME OFF!!!!!

What is it about the Police when it comes to Domestic Violence?  Why is it that it's a common response from ALMOST ALL LIVING PEOPLE, that the police don't and won't do anything about domestic violence until someone is dead!  How many times have YOU heard someone say that?  And after someone dies and the culprit of the violence is arrested...IT'S TOO LATE!!!!  DUH!

The Domestic Violence subject is so screwed up relative to the Police and the Law.  The responsibility is left up to the victim to follow through and be all tied up in court, etc TRYING (if you're lucky and have a black eye or some PROOF of abuse) to get an ORDER OF PROTECTION....which means NOTHING...it's a piece of paper telling the person they'll be arrested if they come in contact with you.  REALLY!  So I'm the crazy ass perpetrator of the domestic violence and I get some directive telling me I cannot contact the person...which now angers me even more...so now I'm double stupid and crazy and mad and I go and kill the person... MY PUNISHMENT...I get arrested and could spend my life in prison....LIVING....but satisfied that I was able to fulfill my weirdness by silencing another person who will NEVER get a chance to do what I'm able to do...LIVE with all of the people I grew up with anyway...in Prison.  PRISON!  Which is probably a better, safer, nutritionally healthier place for me than where I was when I was "free".

I contend that if the police are called somewhere for claims of domestic violence...DO SOMETHING NOW!!!!!!  DON'T WAIT!  Make the person go to jail without being able to return home until there's been some mediation and counseling... I don't know....but do something EFFECTIVE.  Lawmakers need to figure this one out...create some type of "SCARED STRAIGHT" Program or something and put the culprit of the complaint (the abuser) in a room of about 10 of his / her peers ... and now lets's have a "little talk" about BULLYING someone...that's what it comes down to... BULLYING (since there's so much BUZZ about that topic and Domestic Violence takes even a back seat to that)!   So many women and children are victims of domestic violence which ( I believe) could be curtailed and prevented with HARSHER police and legal intervention.

I am so bothered by this incident with 10 year old Abdifatah.  What a terrible tragedy.....TERRIBLE!  Not too long ago I posted a story about a local 10 year old boy being ARRESTED because he stabbed a woman in the back with a butter knife because she was fighting with his mom in HIS HOME.  He was ARRESTED! But a grown ass man is the reason for 16 police calls to a residence on Guilford Street within the last 3 years and there is NO ARREST until someone is DEAD.  Get Outta Here with that... I'm sick!  Man!!!!