Hopefully this will bring some more closure to Whitney Houston‘s family and justice to everyone else he’s allegedly conned. Raffles van Exel, following his own admission of cleaning out Houston’s hotel room after her death, is being sought after for questioning by police.
“Whitney’s family, including her sister-in-law Pat Houston had absolutely no idea that Whitney was using drugs again. The family has been extremely cooperative and they have been told that investigators want to speak to Raffles Van Exel about allegedly removing evidence from Whitney’s hotel room,” a law enforcement source told Radar Online. “The cops want to know who provided Whitney with the cocaine, but if someone tampered with the death scene, well, that could be against the law in California. Investigators have tried to make contact with Van Exel, but have been unable to do so. Since Van Exel is from Denmark, investigators assume that he may no longer be in the United States, and they very much want to talk to him.”

If van Exel sounds sketchy, it’s because by most accounts, he is. He told Dutch newspaper the Telegraph, “The room had to be emptied. Someone had to do it.”

Van Exel, if you recall, is also the same self-proclaimed con artist who is suspected to have sold Houston’s open casket shot to the National Enquirer. Interestingly, for someone who seems to have such an affinity for publicity and fame, van Exel’s Twitter account is protected. Of course, one is innocent until proven guilty — regardless of how shady they may look or sound — but is it us or does something smell awfully fishy?