There is no shock in today’s society to hear that someone owns a gun. In some cases legally, others illegally, people from all walks of life capitalize on their second amendment right to bear arms. What was put into our constitution to ensure self-defense has in my opinion, become tastelessly glorified, especially in the hip-hop world.

Just the other day rapper Plies allegedly threatened the crowd with gunfire during his performance. Audience members were throwing things on stage and according to reports, the rapper responded with "I swear to God, next [person] to throw something up here, I'ma shoot this b---- up in here right now!"…Really Plies?

After reading this story, I sat and thought; it’s no wonder that we have a problem with guns in the streets. If you watch the video of this, after Plies says his piece, the crowd responds with positive cheers; a clear indication that not only are these people comfortable with the fact that he has a gun, but its ok that it may go off…jus because someone threw their cup on stage. What has desensitized our society to the point where people are comfortable with this behavior?

Another prime example is rapper T.I., everyone knows what happened with his gun charges, but how many of you have seen the pictures of all the guns they apprehended from him? I Google imaged it myself, and it looks as though T.I. could run his own small army with the insane guns he had, and for what reason? personal security? collectors Items?...doubtful…I think it’s all for show.

Whatever the case may be the hip-hop world through their lyrics and their actions has in my opinion heavily attributed to the fact that many young people are carrying guns and not thinking twice about it. I’m not blaming rap music for the homicide rates or violent crimes, but I do blame a lot of hip hop culture for de-sensitizing youth on the idea that having a gun is ok. Some government officials have attempted to pass legislation increasing gun control, however research shows that the laws have had little effect. Therefore if legal repercussions do not deter people from mistreating guns then perhaps we need to take another route to reduce the number of guns in our city streets.