Plies appeared on an episode of Complex's Well Rounded and dissed Young Thug, calling the Atlanta rapper a lower tier artist. Plies was asked about his beef with Young Thug and quickly dismissed the 300 Entertainment rapper.

"I don't think nothing about that," Plies said. "First of all, I don't play with a certain tier of artists, like you trying to get popping and shit. I don't fuck with lower tier artists, I just don't. That ain't what I do."

When asked why he considered Young Thug a lower tier artist, Plies elaborated.

"He sold what, 10-14,000 records his first week?" Plies wondered aloud. "You tell me what tier he is."

As the interviewers began to ask about what caused the beef with Young Thug, one host mentioned that it stemmed from an Instagram video that Plies posted of Thug's daughter. Plies pushed back at that.

"A million people posted that shit," Plies responded. "Don't you go back and forth with a motherfucker that ain't on your level."

Last month during an appearance on Sway in the Morning, Young Thug opened up about why he was so offended by Plies posting the video of his daughter.

"I never had a problem with Plies putting [the video] up because he wasn’t the original person to put it up,” Young Thug said. “I only had a problem with him because he said, ‘bih.’ I understand where he come from in Florida that’s a popular word…But I don’t understand how you can call a little girl the ‘b-word’ so many times. I might slap the shit out the man when I see him, I swear to God.”

Plies' latest comments will likely add fuel to the fire of this beef as the Floridian was very dismissive of Young Thug.

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