I've attached a picture of one of the items in the bag I found... Here's what I described on Facebook:

I play video games..well I play one video game (Madden)...so I know what this MUST mean to someone.  I left the station today and there was bag left by one of the HUGE PLANTS outside, in front of the Rand Bldg.  Inside the bag IS someone's LIFE it seems.  The bag contains 2 very expensive handheld devices and another compartment with an UNBELIEVABLE AMOUNT OF GAMES FOR BOTH DEVICES.  This person...whoever it is..is NOT PLAYING!!! (no pun intended)... anyway... I want to get this back to the owner...can you help?  OR... Maybe it's you!


If this is YOUR PROPERTY or you know who this property could possibly belong to ... please click the link below and send me a message DESCRIBING THE BAG I FOUND... hint....it's RED!!!!














I, Todd Anderson, am taking sole responsibility for "the bag".  TownSquare Media, or any of it's affiliates,  are not responsible for anything regarding "the bag".