Nicki Minaj's sophomore album (Pink Friday: Roman's Reloaded) dropped today 04/03/12. The album has 19 tracks (22 on the deluxe) and if you are a Hip Hop fan you will be severely disappointed because most of the track on this album are not for you. There is no question that Nicki Minaj is talented at what she does rapping/singing and writing songs. I feel like this album she has abandoned the people who made her popular. Maybe her alter ego (Roman Zolanski), made her do it maybe it was Barbz but I mostly think it was the money.

The first 9 tracks on Roman Reloaded are strictly Hip Hop, featuring rappers like 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Cam'ron, Lil Wayne, and Drake. Then the album takes a turn into NOW That's What I Call Music (Nicki Minaj Edition). I'm not a big fan of Pop music so this album definitely is not the one for me. Some of the more tolerable songs from the album are:


The track features Drake, Nas, and Jeezy. The subject of the song are the rappers struggles and how they overcame them to become the people they are today. Everybody has a solid verse on the song. Jeezy's verse stands out the most you can always here the struggle in Jeezy's voice he was the perfect pick for this track. Nas also delivers a solid verse but what else would you expect from Nas.

I Am Legend: Ft Rick Ross, Camron

Nicki bodies this track she really shows off her lyrical skills on this one. Rick Ross does what he does, you have start wondering if he can rap about thing other than the norm. (Cars, Money, Guns, and Women). Camron is the high light of this song, Cam still has it and delivers a great verse.

Beez In The Trap:

Beez in the Trap will probably be the most successful Hip Hop song on this album. It features one of the hottest rappers in the streets right now 2 Chainz. This will definitely be a club banger in the next upcoming months.

Right By Your Side: Ft Chris Brown

This is one of the best songs on the album, but once again its more of pop ballad with Chris Brown. The ladies will love this one, Nicki and Chris sing about their previous relationships. The beat is solid, but for this to be a Hip Hop album there are way to many songs like this.

Nicki Minaj got a taste of the pop world with super bass and really hasn't looked back. Most of the other tracks on the album are ableton produced dance tracks, which will probably speed up the pop charts. Nicki has a big pop song with David Guetta and Star ships is doing quite well on the pop side of the music charts. This pop album should end all comparisons to Lil Kim. 15 year old girls will love it , and Nicki Minaj will probably have the number album this week. Its all good to expand and branch out but at what cost ? A lot of her early fans are going to feel like the mix tape Nicki is completely gone. Nicki Minaj should change her name from "the female weezy" to "the female Flo-Rida" . When will people learn once you take that step to becoming a complete Pop artist there is no coming back to Hip Hop and I believe Ms Minaj is on her way to committing that cardinal Hip Hop sin.