Yes racism does exist and yes their are people in power fighting the battle to keep racism alive everyday. Here is another example of this, this video was recorded on September 27 and uploaded to YouTube a few days later.

It has recently made the rounds on social media and caught the attention of major news outlets. In it, two Philadelphia police officers stop, detain briefly and question two young black men who are walking down the street.

Officer: “We don’t want you here [in Philadelphia], anyway. All you do is weaken the f*cking country.”

Young man: “How do I weaken the country? By working?”

Officer: “No, freeloading,”

Young man: “Freeloading on what? I work.”

Officer: “Do you? Where?”

Young man: “[redacted] Country Club.”

Officer: “Doing what?”

Young man: “I’m a server”

Officer: “A server? Serving weed?”

The reason given for the stop is that one of the young men said “Hi” to a drug dealer. You should watch the video in its entirety:

The officer Philip Nace, was recently placed in the Differential Police Response Unit, a disciplinary unit, for what a police spokesman called “idiotic behavior” after another video surfaced of him knocking down a basketball hoop and, while driving away in a police van, telling the group that was playing “have a good day.” He is being investigated by Internal Affairs. He sounds like a jerk.

This is another example of racism that does exist in 2013. Welcome these officers into the BIG DUMMY FILES, hopefully they will lose their jobs.