I'm looking at a Tumblr blog where people actually had a problem with Jamie Foxx's t-shirt on the MTV Movie Awards last night. His t-shirt said "Know Justice" and had a picture of Trayvon Martin and the Newtown kids.

People with half of a brain would see Jamie Foxx's t-shirt as representation of celebrity trying to be more socially conscious and showing that justice hasn't been served in either one of these tragedies. Maybe he was trying to motivate young people to pay more attention to the justice system in America, which most are totally silent about. Some saw this as a reason to express their racist views on social networks.


This is crazy!

What kind of person would tweet something like this?

I bet this guy will claim he isn't racist.

Good old-fashioned ignorance right here.

I don't understand what BigBootyJudy814 is annoyed with?  She isn't on the jury, she isn't the judge or a family member. I guess just hearing about injustice is annoying to her?

Why should he change his shirt?

It amazes me how dismissive people are of other peoples lives. These are murdered children and we should just get over it? @JordanGrove12 is an idiot.

More old fashioned racism. @ProspectCGY has no idea of Trayvon Martin's criminal background; he is just going off of something he heard on the news.

Why doesn't Trayvon Martin "deserve" to be on a shirt with murdered children? Last time I checked you were not an adult until you were 18.  Yep, @scalan15 is an idiot.

Yep, more racism from @LanaDaily.  Trayvon Martin has never been indicted, charged or even a suspect in a car theft.  Speaking of which, in 2013, who is really running around stealing family vehicles?

Hank used this shirt as his excuse to express his political and racist views. This has nothing to with anything, so @role_tide413 definitely belongs right here in the BIG DUMMY FILES.

Its amazing how a simple t-shirt can invoke so much racism in people. Kids were murdered, and regardless of the color, this is an injustice.  People should use their minds to make decisions and not what they see on rap videos and Fox news.