There has been a Federal Lawsuit filed against a Detroit Michigan hospital after a nurse filed and complaint against the hospital and a nursing manager, when she read a note posted in a patient's assignment clipboard that read "No African-Americans to take care of baby" per request of the baby's parents who considered themselves white supremacists. The note was later removed, but the patient's request was honored by not assigning black nurses to care for the baby for a full month because of their race. The practice of honoring a patient's request to not be cared for by certain races is called one of medicine's "open secrets" and although a medical practitioners aren't allowed to be racially biased towards one race or another, there aren't any laws or requirements against patients requesting care from a particular race. Do you think this is a form of racial discrimination or violation of civil rights? Should there be a policy that prohibits nursing homes and medical care facilities from making staffing decisions based on a patient's racial preference?