Some parents aren't very happy with a local high school after a mandatory meeting yesterday evening. Apparently Da Vinci High School will now be enacting a mandatory dress code for students. Parents are upset because they weren't consented about it before the policy was implemented. It usually takes about 85% of parents approval for a uniform policy. The PTO and other parents aren't happy because they weren't involved in the decision making process.

The new dress code is already printed in the 2016-2017 student handbook and requires  students to wear dress pants in navy, khaki, black, or gray.Also required is  dress shirts, polo shirts, or turtle necks in solid colors like navy, gray, or white. Unfortunately, jeans, flip-flops, leggings, or hats are not permitted.

School officials say it's to build professionalism and get the students prepared for the working world. Do you agree with the school?