I came across this news report from Orange County, CA and was brought to chills. The news report talks about how a mother decided to toss her baby over a balcony FOUR stories high. The baby died after being in critical condition for about a day. To think that a woman could carry an innocent life for nine months and then not want to give her all to provide is beyond me.

Only seven months young and because the poor child had a disability, momma decided it was too much to handle and took God's work into her own hands. BIG mistake. She is now sitting in jail awaiting her next fate.

I have wondered before why there isnt' some required training for new parents or a test of capability because stories like this should not exist. It was not that child's fault that it had issues. But now it's her fault she'll be in jail. Her fault for the emptiness she's going to feel for the rest of her life.