Wow, honestly… I was very disrespectful at that age too but NEVER WOULD I EVER talk to my momma like that. For 2 reason, one because I kind of like life and don’t want to die. My mother would have whooped my brown ass. The second reason is because well, that’s just evil!

But before you go screaming that she is a bad parent, I mentioned my background for a reason. My parents raised me right and correctly but when I was younger, I was a rebel.  Granted I would never act like this to Momma James (My Mother) but I did do some crazy stuff when I was younger that had absolutely nothing to do with how they raised me, I was just… BAD.

The only thing that could have possibly been done better in this situation is maybe she could corrected him (AKA WHOOPED THAT ASS) but then we would be commenting on this video about how bad of a parent she is for thrashing her child.

I just hope this little lad grows up to learn some manners because if he talks to mommy like that, I can imagine how he treats people whose womb he didn’t come out of. (IAMBRIANJAMES.COM)