When you think of Painkillers you probably think of pain relief for Arthritis, The Elderly, Athletes, Relief from Surgeries. Dental Work. etc... but do you ever consider what happens if kids get a hold of these Prescription Drugs that are present in many homes?

Parents will be shocked to know that 44% of all teens have at least one friend who abuses painkillers?....AND... parents will be shocked to know that Prescription Painkillers are opiates, with the same active ingredients as street drugs like heroin.

There's a local initiative called "SAVE THE MICHAELS OF THE WORLD" that kicked off Wednesday, October 9, founded and organized by Avi & Julie Israel of Buffalo after the death of their son, Michael, who took his own life while struggling with his addiction to painkillers.

Every 19 Minutes a Life Is Lost to Opiates / Prescription Painkillers..that's why The Mission of "Save the Michaels of the World" was formed... to educate parents, and reform legislation in Albany to prevent prescription painkiller addiction among young people.  In the months since his death, Avi and Julie have been strong advocates to enact change in how painkillers are prescribed. Save the Michaels of the World has gained national attention for its fight to educate parents, children and lawmakers.

If you're a Parent with a child who needs help or a Teen who has a friend who needs help or you need help yourself...