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Drake’s Upcoming Assault Trial!
Well here is a shocker, we all know Drake to keep a squeaky clean image. So it was surprising to find out he has an assault trial coming up.
According to Blast, a producer by the name of Detail (real name Noel Fisher) is suing Drake and his bodyguard Chubbs for an alleged assault that took place back…
New video form -SZA – Broken Clocks
Really , really Dope/Good song, not feelin the vid though, she could've did a better job/concept!
But it did make me think about 8th grade camp back in the day day, that was of the damn hook. Shout out to my momma fo sending me to those camps...
Will Smith Dates a Robot!
Honestly will Smith, as much as I appreciate you as an actor or person.
I can’t come to like you as a YouTuber.
YouTubers are meant to be the “little guys” trying to make it big like you guys.
But why make a YouTube channel, your just hogging more attention t…
Passports Prices going up!!
So the travel season is coming quick. Just in case you planning to dip out of the states and travel overseas in the near future, the cost of a new or replacement passport has increased starting today.
The Fee increases from $25 to $35.P
This fee will affect  first-time applicants over age 16, children…

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